Vi segnaliamo questo interessante webinar organizzato da European Community Psychology Association in collaborazion con SCRA: Society for Community Research and Action dal titolo “Climate justice conversation: Empowering communities towards transformative climate justice” che si terrà il 9 maggio 2024 h 18.00 (CET)

Climate justice approaches recognise that climate change and often also the mitigative actions reproduce and amplify existing inequalities and social injustices. Thus, tackling climate change requires fighting existing systems of oppression that constrain the voice, power and influence of those most affected by – but less responsible for – climate change, including countries and communities in the global South and equity-deserving groups in the Global North. As a discipline committed to social justice, community psychology has many tools and resources that can contribute to understanding, resisting and overcoming climate injustices. In this webinar, we invite researchers, practitioners, activists, students and communities to engage in an interactive dialogue exploring what climate justice means, why it matters, how it can be achieved, and what role community psychologists can play. This conversation will be facilitated by Manuel Reimer and Maria Fernandes-Jesus, who will bring examples from their own research, scholarly, and action work to discuss these topics.


Prof Manuel Riemer, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Dr. Riemer is a professor of community psychology and sustainability science at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. He is the director of the transdisciplinary Viessmann Centre for Engagement and Research in Sustainability (VERiS), with a focus on the intersection of climate change, society, and equity. Dr. Riemer applies community psychology principles, theories, and tools as well as systems and sustainability science to address issues related to sustainability and climate justice.

Dr Maria Fernandes-Jesus, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Dr Fernandes-Jesus is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Her scholarly work focuses on collective action, climate justice, participation of youth and immigrants, community power, and political imagination. She is interested in researching these topics using mixed methods and following applied, participatory, and interdisciplinary approaches.


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